Begin your sewing journey with confidence through our comprehensive beginner's guide! Dive into expertly crafted lessons and engaging sewing projects designed to kickstart your skills and empower you every step of the way.

What you can expect:

  • 6 Comprehensive lessons covering sewing basics. 
  • Guidance on essential sewing tools for beginners. 
  • Detailed instruction on understanding and operating your sewing machine, threading, maintenance tips, thread tension adjustment, troubleshooting strategies & more
  • Learn how to cut and read sewing patterns 
  • Insights on fabric types, color coordination, and how to measure & cut fabric
  • 6 Engaging projects with in-depth tutorials: each project includes a color PDF, instructions, material list, and a real-time video course showing every step. 
  • The projects build on each other, we start simple and gradually add in new skills and learn more with each one. 
  • You will learn; 2 ways to put in a zipper, how to add a lining to a tore bag, how to use bag making hardware, simple straight line quilting techniques, a very simple way to add biding, adding pockets to tote bags and purses & more! 
  • You get lifetime access to this course with a printable ebook. 
  • The self-paced format allows you to learn at your convenience, wherever you are. Pause and rewind the videos as you need. 

" The BEST teaching videos I’ve ever watched!! Missy is such an awesome instructor!! She has a great style, mixed with knowledge, great patterns, fun tips and easy to follow instructions!! She is so down to earth and pleasant to listen to!! Definitely recommend!! "♥️♥️  Cindee S

Sewing should be fun!

Overcome your sewing fears, kick that zipper anxiety aside and become a master of the machine. Make amazing projects that will boost your confidence and set you on the path to sewing success.

" Missy’s courses and projects are fresh, colorful and fun. She does a great job of showing and explaining each and every step towards completing a professional looking sewing project. She’s available for questions, provides answers, shows areas and tricks to master difficulties and instill confidence in sewing. "   Eileen T. 

Getting Started

Sewing Basics 


Reg price $97-Save $20 

  • Printable E-book
  • 6 modules in written and video formats
  • 1 sewing project with PDF pattern, instructions and video 
  • Lesson 1- Tools you need to get started
  • Lesson 2- Buying a sewing machine-what you need to know
  • Lesson 3- All about sewing machines, how to thread your machine, tension tips, troubleshooting, maintenance & more. 
  • Lesson 4- Fabric! types of fabric, how to choose, what are pre cuts, how to cut & measure your fabric
  • Lesson 5- How to read and cut a pattern
  • Lesson 6- Lets start sewing
  •  Bonus Guides on Interfacing & Thread
  • Lifetime access 

Most Popular

Complete Course


Reg price $247- Save $50

  • Printable E-book 
  • 6 modules  in written and video format
  • 6 sewing projects  with PDF patterns, instructions and real time videos
  • Simple tote bag with lining
  • Pocket Tote bag with magnetic closure
  • 9-patch pillow cover
  • Zipper pouch
  •  Quilt as you go mug rug 
  • Cross Body bag with adjustable strap
  •  Lesson 1- Tools you need to get started 
  • Lesson 2- Buying a sewing machine-what you need to know 
  • Lesson 3- All about sewing machines, how to thread your machine, tension tips, troubleshooting, maintenance & more.  
  • Lesson 4- Fabric! types of fabric, how to choose, what are pre cuts, how to cut & measure your fabric
  •  Lesson 5- How to read and cut a pattern 
  • Lesson 6- Lets start sewing 
  •  Bonus Guides on Interfacing & Thread
  • Lifetime course access

If you already know how to sew

Projects Only- Pattern + Video Bundle


Reg price $147- Save $20

  • If already know how to sew, this project only bundle is a great value! 

  • 6 Sewing projects with PDF pattern, photo, complete instructions and real time video course
  • Simple tote bag with lining
  • Pocket Tote bag with magnetic closure
  • 9-patch pillow cover
  • Zipper pouch
  • Quilt as you go mug rug
  • Cross Body bag with adjustable strap
  • Lifetime course access
  • Bonus Guides on Interfacing and Thread 

" The very first thing I ever sewed, about six months ago, was a zipper pouch. Yes! I tackled zippers right off the bat because Missy made is SO easy. Six months later I am sewing quilts! Her teaching style has made that possible and I am so thankful for all I have learned from her! If you are new to sewing, like I was, I highly suggest you take Missy's course! You will never be disappointed! "
-Kristi H.

This course will help you...

Conquer your sewing anxieties by unraveling the mysteries behind sewing terminology, supplies, and notions. Discover exactly what essentials you need!

Have fun learning a new skill that will help you unleash your creativity and bring your imagination to life through fabric and thread!

Overcome your fear of zippers and effortlessly learn the techniques to sew them into handbags and pouches with confidence.

Gain sewing expertise & knowledge to establish a strong foundation, empowering you to tackle any sewing endeavor effortlessly!

" Missy is so much fun and the way she explains things is very straightforward and easy to follow. I would class myself as an experienced sewer but I am still learning new techniques, tips and tricks from her. " - Kylie K

What if....

  • You could gain clarity on tackling common sewing machine challenges like adjusting thread tension and correctly threading your machine.   
  • You could easily grasp the ins and outs of reading sewing patterns and execute projects with confidence.  
  • You could replace overwhelm with excitement as you confidently sew gifts for your friends and family?   
  • You could have a solid roadmap and understanding of the steps required to finish any sewing project.  
  • You could embrace the confidence in your sewing skills and be equipped with the necessary steps to create anytime you wanted. 

I believe that you can & I am here to help you

" Missy is so thorough in describing exactly how things are done and patient whenever being asked questions. She is very positive and encouraging! I was so nervous about messing up and not being good enough but with her teaching and directions I’ve been so excited while completing projects rather than giving up. A true blessing! " - Lindy H

" Missy has a down to earth teaching style.  She is very good at going step by step when instructing or sharing a new pattern. She truly wants you to be successful. "  Kathy D

Hi friends! I am Missy, and I am so glad that you are here! I am a full-time maker and have been sewing for more than 30 years. I have been making fun, whimsical items that are a combination of both practical and adorable.

I run my business, The little Green Bean, full-time with my husband Mike. We have 3 wonderful boys and live in northern Minnesota. The summers are wonderful and the winters are long, but this is where family is and we wouldn't have it any other way. I learned to sew in my high school home economics class and have loved it ever since. Just don't ask me to hem anything- haha.

I have always loved teaching others and have been teaching in some capacity or another in all of my former jobs. Helping others learn new skills is something I truly enjoy.

I am bringing together my love for and sewing knowledge with teaching in a one of a kind, sewing course where you will learn sewing basics like how to maintain your sewing machine, picking fabric, the tools you need to get started and then we show you how to sew with 6 in depth sewing lessons so that you can put your new skills to work and really learn how to sew!

We don't believe in all of the traditional, old school " sewing rules" and things definitely do not have to be perfect. You are allowed to do things your own way and at your own pace. Come as you are, everyone is welcome.